What Others Say About The 3D / 4D Ultrasound Experience


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Allyssa Jacobusse
Allyssa Jacobusse
Wonderful experience! Amazing photos better than my obgyns office. The owner is very kind and funny. Will definitely go back!
We’re very satisfied with your service 🥰
Lauren P
Lauren P
Absolutely loved my experience with Jessica at 4D Moments. You can tell Jessica really has a passion for what she does, which made the experience even more enjoyable. I did the platinum package at 32 weeks and was extremely satisfied with the images/videos we received. I would recommend to any mom! My family loved being able to be a part of it too
Morgan Gilbert
Morgan Gilbert
One of the best experiences a first time mom or any soon to be moms can have. It was so fun seeing baby and getting to spend time just admiring their features and how much they’ve grown. Jessica gave us so many pictures to go home with and the video is an amazing keepsake as well. Will definitely be back!
Krystal Winchell
Krystal Winchell
Awesome experience. Baby girl was trying to hide and the ultrasound technician did her best to get me some cute photos!!
Gredual y Emily Rincon
Gredual y Emily Rincon
My mom and I had a great experience and can’t wait to surprise my family with our gender reveal!!
Erica Jacobson
Erica Jacobson
Such a fun thing!!
Paige Buxbaum
Paige Buxbaum
Best decision I've ever made. If your thinking about getting this experience just do it. I promise you will not regret it. Not only was my tech the most wonderful inviting person but she made the experience so meaningful. Definitely was hands down the best day of my pregnancy so far.

September 2020

My husband and I bought the basic package at 14 weeks to find out our babies gender. The staff was friendly and very informative! They send you an adorable video of your nugget moving around and it’s precious. Would definitely recommend!

–Christy V.

We have been coming to 4D moments for the last few years and today was our last ultrasound for our last baby!!! Jessica is absolutely amazing and so much fun to work with!! We are so thankful for 4D moments and giving us more opportunities for us to see our babies grow during each pregnancy!!!!

–Brittany H.

I had a great time there pictures were great and Jessica was so nice love this place will be back.

– Kaylan N.

August 2020

The owner is very friendly and does such a good job at what she does! I’m so beyond thankful my boyfriend got to come with me to find the gender out of our son and hear his heartbeat, otherwise I would’ve been alone at the doctor because of COVID and he would’ve missed out on these big milestones. I also won the free 3D contest for the month of July (we would’ve been back regardless) and got to see my baby boy again, this time with more guests than last time. It was amazing to see his features and how much he has grown. Definitely would recommend coming here, the atmosphere is nice and these times are memorable. I know I’ll be back when I have another.


Where do I begin? Upon arrival to my appointment I was 14wks6days. Our ultrasound woman was incredibly patient. I was getting the feeling we were going to have to come back because baby wouldn’t move or moved in the most inconvenient spots. it was the last few minutes of our booked time after my mother in law poked on my side and told her grand baby to move that it moved. She was very considerate of the fact that we wanted to save the gender reveal to find out later. The last 5 minutes she told us she is 99% sure she knows the sex. When I mentioned the heart beat teddy bears even though our time was up she let me hop back up on the bed for another recording. She refused to give up. When baby wouldn’t cooperate she had many methods. After the appointment we found out were having a son. Caden Michael. He didn’t move much or not conveniently but some of the photos are amazing. very pleased.

–Haley R.

Such an amazing experience! I was so worried with being almost 36 weeks I wouldn’t get good pictures but they turned out great. It was such a comfortable atmosphere. She even gave my 2 year old a picture as we left🥺 100% recommended to any expecting mother!

–Lexi K.

June 2020

I went to the Kalamazoo facility and had no luck seeing my daughter’s face the first time around. But they brought me back for free and it was amazing! It’s also very affordable to begin with in order to see your baby in 3D/4D/HD! I just loved every moment.

–Chloe A.

Very friendly, great service, amazing pictures.

–Jeff E.

I had an amazing experience shared with my partner at the Kalamazoo facility. Our tech was so kind and laughed with us through the experience. It was fun and so amazing to see the such great images. I loved being able to see my little one move while feeling the movement. Can’t recommend enough!

–Kylie R.

If you’re thinking about coming here, do it! Such a positive experience and she made sure that we were able to see our baby! Even at only 14 weeks along, we got a lot of peace of mind by coming here. There was no wait, we started our appointment on time and it was as long as we had paid for (about 30 minutes). The link to our digital photos and videos were emailed to me within 30 minutes after walking out of the office. All in all we ended up with 63 photos and over 20 minutes worth of video that was all easily downloadable! We will definitely be back!

–Mara E.

May 2020

Jessica ***is amazing. so sweet and patient. I’ve gone to her for all my pregnancies. last three years. found out I was having twins during this pregnancy. I say 10 put of 10. fun funny sweet woman.

–Emily B.

So grateful for the opportunity to see our little girls face. Such a wonderful experience!!

–Katie P.

We had a wonderful experience at the Grand Rapids location tonight. The room was super comfy, and we got so many amazing photos of our baby. We would definitely go back and highly recommend 4D Moments!

–Jen N.

April 2020

4D moments was such a great experience. It was so fun being able to see our sweet baby, just for us to see and not for a medical appointment. The lady was so sweet and made us very comfortable, definitely will be going back once I’m further along to be able to do a 4D ultrasound.

–Mariah V.

By far the most amazing experience I could’ve ever asked for ! Thank you for having such an amazing sense of humor👣 I wish I could come in everyday and see her beautiful face ! YOU made me feel so warm and welcomed 💗 and I will definitely be back for another visit Thank you.

–Jenisis S.

March 2020

Jessica let me come back for the 3rd time today as my baby wouldnt cooperate. Very much appreciated! The techs are very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend 4D Moments! Thanks for being so patient with us


My husband and I loved getting our ultrasound done, and being able to see our little one. I highly recommend to anyone to get this done. you will not regret it.

-Kasandra S.

I highly recommend doing this during your pregnancy. I have done this with my last pregnancy and my current pregnancy and it is so much better than going to the regular doctors office for an ultrasound. I have done the Platinum plus package each time I’ve done it and I personally think you get your money’s worth. I got to see my little one early on and later around 30 weeks along. But the earlyon appt was what helped me bond with my daughter and now my son. Every experience I’ve had there has been amazing!!! I will always recommend my pregnant friends to go there.

–Ashley D.

February 2020

Love this place so much…amazing photos and got there filled out some paper work and got it done also I recommend the stuffed animal baby heartbeat.

–Samantha H.

Such an amazing experience! They were so kind and knowledgeable!

–Lynsee G.

Baby was not cooperating for the 1st ultrasound and they brought us back for free to repeat the session for better pictures. Never felt rushed and the techs are kind and appear as if they truly love their job!

–Jillian G.

I’ve been to 4d moments for both of my pregnancies (now almost 4 years old and the other almost 1 😩) and both pregnancies the best part was seeing their precious faces on the ultrasound. They’re so accurate and so worth the money 💕 my sons was done in 2016 and my daughters was in 2019.

–Samantha H.

I’ve been meaning to share this comparison photo!
We were shocked and so excited at the clarity and detail we were able to see in our 4D scan when I was 35 weeks pregnant then when baby was a week old I looked over at her and said “wait a minute, I’ve seen that face before!”
Thank you 4D Moments, the 2 visits we made during my pregnancy are fantastic memories!!

❤ -Sara A.

Highly recommend! The lady was very kind and knowledgeable. Such a cool experience.

–Michelle P.

January 2020

It was a fun experience. The staff was really nice. I recommend every pregnant woman to try.

–Iola B.

December 2019

Absolutely love it. I found out the sex of my baby there at 16 weeks and just went to get a 4D ultrasound. Had great experiences both times. I high recommend them to anyone and everyone.

–Alexa V.

November 2019

A really awesome experience! I recommend this to anyone that is pregnant or knows someone who is!

–Meg W.

She went above and beyond for my husband and I even though it was 8:30 at night she didn’t rush and gave her all to give us the most amazing picture of our tiny tot! We’ll be back around 33-34 weeks.

–Kylee M.

October 2019

Great experience, at first we were having a hard time seeing babys face and she just kept working on getting the right shot. Can’t wait to go back once babys a little bigger for another scan!

–Katy S.

I had such a great experience with 4D moments. They did a gender reveal and another 4D ultrasound for us. The experience was amazing.

–Jenna D.

September 2019

I would rate this place more than 5 stars if it were possible! We went Thursday to get some awesome 3D pictures & get our babies gender! We went into a very nice and clean room (perfect size for a group of people to tag along) and our tech was so very friendly! She instantly got our gender for us, and upon our request she kept it a secret! She was very kind, and made sure we left with great pictures! She was very nice & the whole place was absolutely amazing! Definitely will have to go back for more pictures when our babygirl is bigger!

–Carleigh M.

Jessica is truly great ! You can tell she genuinely enjoys what she does and made sure we seen everything we wanted ! We were only going to have 8 people in the room and Jessica told us to fit the 11 we had in and she included everyone. It was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend doing this at least once ! We will be back.

–Leyna S.

I really enjoyed the experience! It was something that you can’t get at a normal ultrasound and felt very homey and special!


Super patient with my stubborn peanut and the memories are so worth it. The facility was relaxing and it was just an amazing experience.

-Alishakay S.

August 2019

They are great! My daughter had one with each of her kids and loved it.

–Sharon O.

Very professional ,friendly just an over all great experience. With coupons very affordable. We have been here with more than one grandchild and will continue to go with other grandchildren I am sure.

–Sheri M.

We LOVE Jessica! She did great finding out the gender early and baby wouldn’t corporate and she made it happen! We’ve used this service twice now and plan to do another in a few months. Thank you!

–Kristin E.

Loved my experience at the Grand Rapids location! Jessica was very knowledgable and made us feel comfortable. I was able to relax and just enjoy the experience, super different than how you feel at the doctors office. It made me feel more connected to my baby. We went at 14 weeks and Jessica was able to determine the sex (we already knew because of NIPT testing, didn’t tell her and she determined girl on her own. it was nice confirmation). I love all my pictures and would not hesitate to go back!

–Allison T.

Loved the ultrasound tech she was very nice and patient. It was a really good experience and the pictures were really good would definitely recommend. The office was nice, the room as well.

–Mimi S.

July 2019

This was a very heart warming experience for the whole family. Very clean and welcoming environment as well. It’s only been 1 day since our apt and I have already recommended 4D to 3 people.

–Jane L.

We had a great experience yesterday at 4D moments of Kalamazoo! Our tech was very friendly and thorough! We caught an amazing glimpse of the baby’s heart.

–Brittany H.

June 2019

We had a great experience yesterday at 4D moments of Kalamazoo! Our tech was very friendly and thorough! We caught an amazing glimpse of the baby’s heart.

–Brittany H.

This was a very heart-warming experience for the whole family. Very clean and welcoming environment as well. It’s only been 1 day since our apt and I have already recommended 4D to 3 people.

–Jane L.

Highly recommend!! Jessica was so patient with baby, and us, he was stubborn and didn’t want to face us to get a good shot, she asked us to come back for a second appointment and was still so patient even when he was even more stubborn! And we still got beautiful shots of our boy! She was so welcoming to us and our other children, and the atmosphere was just relaxing and cozy!

–Kristin M.

Very patient with my stubborn babe today, friendly, good atmosphere, I definitely recommend them!

–Taylor E.

I had a wonderful experience today and we were able to find the gender after working with baby and being so patient and kind!! Would definitely recommend this place!!!!!

–Emily R.

Absolutely AMAZING experience! We got to find out at 16 weeks we were having another girl and our tech was so persistent to find out the sex for us. We’ll be back around 30 weeks for another 3D/4D ultrasound. I’d highly recommend going here! Worth every penny.

–Nicole B.

I can’t say enough good things about our experience. The first time we went, we were able to get a few okay pictures but nothing like i was expecting. They brought us back a second time and the pictures were even worse because she was facing an awkward position and we didn’t have much amniotic fluid. They told me to drink tons and tons of water and they brought me back a third time. We were FINALLY able to get some good photos and I’m so happy! So thankful they brought us back so we had the chance to see our sweet baby.

–Kristy H.

May 2019

Absolutely a beautiful experience and great ultrasound of our baby boy definitely recommend going.

–Ashley I.

Was a wonderful experience and completely worth the money!!


An amazing moment!! Got to see our beautiful granddaughter Harper Grace highly recommend❤️❤️❤️ very nice job!!

–Crystle G.

I loved coming here!! best experience ever and the lady was so nice and patient with us to find gender. I would rate them a 5 out of 5 for sure. You won’t be disappointed.

–Kalie V.

We have heard great things about 4D Moments and I’m so glad we decided to go there with this pregnancy! We felt extremely comfortable, found out the gender of our baby, received pictures of our baby along with a video of the entire ultrasound! We will be going back with future pregnancies as well! Highly recommended!!

–Sarah G.

April 2019

Jessica was very sweet and knee what she was doing. I am very grateful for my experience with her!

–Alyssa L.

This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I plan on going back again. would recommend it to anyone awesome experience!

–Natalie D.

March 2019

This was honestly the most amazing ultrasound experience ever! She took her time and made sure everything was perfect. She made sure to explain to us what everything was. We could even see the hair on our babies head!!!!

–Christina C.

We had such a wonderful experience here. Great way to get a first glimpse of your baby bundle.

–Stacie E.

Amazing experience. Let the adults know the gender while managing to keep it a secret from the kids (so they could have a fun gender reveal later that night)

–Vicki L.

Absolutely wonderful!! Thank you

–Melanie W.

The process was very easy and the staff was Amazing. She took her time and let us truly spend some very special time with our little peanut. We kept the gender a secret for our reveal party and she was able to get the babies gender without giving it away! We got the heartbeat recording and placed it inside a teddy bear and the sound is very clear and something i will cherish forever!

–Tiffanie W.

February 2019

Just got done with our ultrasound and it was amazing! Jessica was great! We were more than pleased with our experience! 11/10 stars!!

–Auguste G.

We had a wonderful experience at 4D moments yesterday. We went to the Grand Rapids location and will be going back once I’m further along. I had a blood test to tell the gender and it came back as a girl and they were able to confirm yesterday that I was in fact having a little girl at only 14 weeks along. I don’t remember the lady’s name that did the ultrasound but she was very friendly and you could tell she loves what she does.

–Rachel S.

Amazing experience!! Everyone who is expecting should do this it’s a cherished memory now.

–Ron R.

We all had a blast watching our prince bounce around ! The staff is supper friendly and invited us back for another session because the umbilical cord got in the way.

–Hailey P.

January 2019

I absolutely loved the service! My little boy wasn’t very cooperative so we were able to come back for another session for free so she could try again to get us a better view of baby ? I’m so excited also because I get to have my fiancé there with me and it’s the first time he’s been able to make it to anything with our last baby and third son ?I highly recommend them and believe you get what you pay for and then some. Thank you so so much for the experience!!

–Kayla W.

They are amazing! Always take their time with you and make it such a fun and enjoyable experience. Can’t wait to come back again at 28 weeks!

–Ariana N.

Highly recommend !! Definitely worth your money.

–Taylor D.

December 2018

I’ve had 3 appointments so far, and such amazing experiences each time! My babies have been quite stubborn, but we’ve never felt rushed. Pricing is great, and there are always specials running.

–Kendra M.

Very pleased with both ultrasounds even though my baby boy cried for the last 10 minutes of the second scan which just broke my heart but was so cute at the same time lol. Great quality photos/video and different techs at both and both were very sweet.

–Miranda S.

Definitely recommend! This place is awesome and gives you a chance to bond with your baby/babies before they are even here! Jessica is great at what she does! We will be going back for a third time!!

–Annalissa C.

November 2018

One of the best experiences, ever! I would recommend this place to anyone! Jessica was super sweet, calm, and nice. We loved our experience so much!

–Esmina H.

Loved ours experience here! We went to the Portage/Kalamazoo location. We actually have been twice – once for gender determination & second for a glimpse of our little’s development. The service was amazing. It is a comfortable experience. We loved that we had the option to have the photos & video from the session sent to us. I get to watch it whenever I want & share with our families. I would highly recommend 4D Moments to anyone. Can’t believe how affordable it actually was.

–Mindy B.

October 2018

It was such a positive experience. The lady was really nice too. Worth the money to do a 3D package.

–Brena W.

I love it!!

–Brie S.

We had a lovely experience tonight!!! Great photos and the lady explained everything to us. I would totally recommend this place.

–Jessica C.

Loved it ? Thank you for a wonderful experience.

–Joana-Adrian M.

We had such a great experience at both of our appointments! Very professional and kind staff. It was amazing to be able to see our baby girl in such great detail, and we even got a big smile out of her! We also got one of the heartbeat stuffed animals, which is something we will cherish forever. I would definitely recommend 4D moments to anyone looking for a 3d/4d ultrasound in this area!

–Sierra G.

September 2018


I have and will continue to recommend this company to everybody I know who is expecting or even people I see while I’m out and about who are expecting. Jessica and her staff do an outstanding job, they are very welcoming and it’s affordable.

– Mindy R.





August 2018


Great experience! Will be back someday.

– Tori B.




Such an amazing experience. The rooms are comfortable and relaxing, makes you feel like you’re at home. I would recommend this place again a thousand times. Will definitely be back when I’m farther along in my pregnancy. Thanks again 4D moments for a beautiful experience!

– Brie H.




Went in yesterday with my sister in law to find out her gender and they were able to squeeze me in right after even though I was only 14 weeks. Baby was being stubborn but after a few try’s she was able to get a good view. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

– Molly M.





July 2018


We could not be more grateful for our experience here today! We had to make a last minute appointment for a 3D/4D ultrasound since my grandpas health is failing. We wanted him to “meet” our daughter since he very likely won’t be here to meet her in January. We got incredible shots of our 15+3 week old baby girl and the technician was so sweet! We will treasure this memory and will 100% be back in about 15 weeks for a chunkier looking little love! Thank you so much!

–Brittany S.




I went to the GR location and I enjoyed the experience �����it was worth the money and my video was amazing!!

–Tracey T.





June 2018


I’d definitely recommend 4D moments to anyone! Not only was it a relaxing atmosphere but the lady doing our ultrasound (correct me if I’m wrong) Jessica, brought love and happiness into our hearts that day. I think that was the first time actually seeing my son on a few of the ultrasounds I’ve had of him already, made me cry with how real this is. I never imagined I’d ever be a mom after being told I wouldn’t for years, and Jessica made it that day so special for me and my family! Thank you so much! I’ll be back soon.

–Stacy E.




Amazing, the staff was very kind and understanding..allowed us to come back twice after the first and 2nd appointment baby didn’t want to show his face free of charge..that was much appriecated. It was also clean and made you feel comfortable. I couldnt be more satisfied with my experience.

–Emillie R.





April 2018


“It’s so worth it! It’s crazy accurate and its so amazing to see their little faces. If they can’t get a good image theyll let you come back to get good ones!”

Samantha H.




“Amazing! Went for my gender determination, I thought the quality of everything was great! Very friendly staff, would go back or recomend in a heartbeat!”

Tracy H.





March 2018


“The pictures were absolutely amazing, and the experience was very cool! I loved the woman who did my ultrasound and the set up was very good! We came to find out we were expecting a boy and she sure showed us that that’s what we’re having!� I was very pleased with everything and the price is more than worth it.”

Samantha H.





February 2018


“It was amazing. �� I love it for both my son and daughter �� you guys are amazing.”

Kaylen K.




“Made an appointment for my daughter. The lady was very nice, it was a nice relaxing setting for our big group. Well worth the money.”

Tracy L.




“We went yesterday at 14 weeks to find out the gender (a little early) and it was amazing! The office was clean and nice, the staff was amazing, and you really get what you pay for. So happy to find out we’re having a baby boy and to start shopping!”

Chelsey T.





January 2018


“Best experience ever! At almost 36 weeks, our little guy wasn’t cooperating and Jessica was so patient. She made time for us to come back the next day and try to get some better shots. She also was very accommodating with schedules between her two locations. I highly recommend. Well worth the investment.”

Sara C.




“I came here at 16 weeks 3 days for a gender reveal and we got some great photos of our little girl! Better ones than we got at our anatomy scan. It was definitely worth the 2 hour drive haha. I am hoping to be able to come back in a couple months to see her again in 3D/4D.”

Kala V.





December 2017


“We came from about an hr away and it was so worth it! We found out we are expecting a boy at 16w3d. It was confirmed today at our 20 week scan! Baby wasn’t cooperating for 3D photos of his face, but they did what they could and spent a lot of time trying to catch him! We are excited to go back when I am farther along! Thank you!!”

Alyssa J.




“Such an amazing experience!!! Thank you so much!”

Chelsia F.




“First experience ever for my daughter’s 3D ultrasound, the technician was very nice and worked really hard getting a face shot because my daughter is only 17 weeks, she tickled baby so baby would move to get that little face and we got a perfect face shot finally. She was so patient as baby was hiding alot with hands and feet covering lol, thanks again and we will be back further in her pregnancy.”

Tessa M.





November 2017


“We had a great experience! Our tech was so helpful and patient in getting good shots and the environment was comfortable and family friendly. I definitely recommend it! It’s a precious moment that’s worth every penny!”

Lukas and Elizabeth G.




“The ultrasound tech was amazing, super nice and professional. Would recommend to a friend 100%. Had an amazing experience and loved seeing my little man. Great photos and very worth the money. (get the heartbeat buddy) !!! adorable and a great keepsake!”

Auti J.




“Let’s just talk about the soft bed you get to lay on during your ultrasound. It’s really soft, and much bigger than the one at the OB!




Seriously though, we’ve been twice and would definitely recommend!”

Ari A.




“Fantastic! She was amazing and truely cared! Took the extra time to make sure we got the photos we wanted!”

Meadow R.




“Such a incredible experience at a very affordable price. Thank you so much for letting me see my son for the first time. I will never forget my trip to 4D moments!!”

Evan F.





October 2017


“We had a wonderful experience! The tech was incredibly patient with our daughter who kept putting her hands and feet in front of her face. The entire experience was fantastic and we would recommend 4D moments to anyone.”

Meagan B.




“Price of this technology, worth every penny. Seeing my great grandson yawn for first time,priceless! Great experience, thank you.”

Sally M.




“Had a wonderful experience at 4D moments! Our ultrasound tech was wonderful and she made our experience great! I feel that it was well worth the money to get the package that we got. The best part about our experience is the sonoLive that is offered- my sister from California got to stream it live and be a part of our experience”

Chrissy F.





September 2017


“She gave us such a fun experience and I can’t wait to go back!!”

Kirsten V.




“Such an amazing experience! Our little guy was pretty stubborn but they did all they could to get some good pictures! Definitely would recommend going here.”

Whitney B.




“We just had our appointment today. It was amazing. Thank you so much!!!”

Emily T.




“We arrived pretty early and Jessica took us right in. We also had a big group of 8 but they easily accommodated all of us. Jessica was very calm and helpful throughout the process making the exciting situation less stressful. I am 17w today and we went to find out the sex, and it’s a baby boy! My dads side of the family was even able to watch it while it was being live streamed on his TV at home since we don’t live in Kalamazoo, super easy to set up. We would recommend anyone to go to 4d moments in Kalamazoo well worth the money!”

Ally D.





August 2017


“So happy we came across a 3D/4D place nearby. The pictures we got of our baby boy are so amazing. Also such friendly staff. Thank you!”

Christina K.




“Jess was amazing! We visited the GR location and our daughter wouldn’t cooperate, we tried once to break and drink juice, when that didn’t work she let us leave for a bit and come back. That didn’t seem to work either so she rescheduled us for a free visit to make sure we got good prints! When I found out the visit was after my shower I called and she was so happy to help move our appt up and even do it at the Kalamazoo office! I cannot wait to see our daughter again and can’t thank Jess enough for all of her dedication to making sure we walk away with exactly what we want!”

Emily N.




“We had our ultrasound done today and it was such an awesome experience. Our baby can be a little shy but we were able to get great pictures of her and it was such an awesome time.”

Amy E.




“Loved everything about 4D moments very friendly great place to go will for sure be coming back further into my pregnancy.”

Alexis J.




“They were friendly, professional and the session was great!! I’d highly recommend them!”

Lindsey B.




“It was great to be able to see my grand daughter so clear.”

Donda B.




“Had a great experience and got very good pictures of my son. The way he lays he always has the placenta in the way but the tech was able to find a position for me to lie in that gave us a perfect, unobstructed view of his sweet little face.”






July 2017


“Loved it… I went when I was about 20 weeks 🙂 I can’t wait to go back when I am about 36 weeks.”

Stephanie S.




“Awesome experience at the GR office! We can’t wait for our next visit!”

Ashley P.




“I had my 3D/4D ultrasound today at the Grand Rapids location and it was such a great experience! The atmosphere is warm and inviting.
Jessica was awesome, she’s professional but makes you feel comfortable! I can’t thank her enough! I will definitely be recommending your company to any pregnant momma’s!”

Courtney H.




“My son was stubborn and wouldn’t move his hands away from his face � hope next time I go back he’s cooperating.”

Keanna S.




“Such an amazing experience! My husband and I couldn’t have imagined a better day. Would recommend 4D moments for any expecting mom! Such a great day!”

Megan C.




“Definitely should check it out.. really nice experience.”

Alysha M.





June 2017


“These people are the greatest. In a pinch, they came through for my daughter and son-in-law. Thank you from “The Grandma”.”

Toni L.




“Our son was very stubborn the first time we went and was blocking his face and wouldn’t move. They let us come back for free and we were able to get very good shots of him. It was an amazing experience and well worth the money. Staff is very friendly and patient.”

Amber V.




“Absolutely loved our experience here. I’m 16w5d and we got to see what our babies gender is and for wonderful pictures to take home. Definitely going back when I’m further along. The lady who did it was awesome and we got amazing pictures. Baby would not stop moving and spinning around the entire time but she still captured amazing moments. Love love love!”

MariJo A.





March 2017


“Absolutely love this place!! We got amazing pictures even though baby girl is transverse and typically that makes it hard to get good face pictures. They were patient with getting the hands and cord to move! Definitely worth the money and visit, Thank you!”

Aricka R.




“My daughter is 32 weeks it was the most amazing thing have ever seen. They was able to catch some pic the most amazing pic of my granddaughter. I cried during the ultrasound and later when we watched the dvd. I recommend 4d moment for and soon to be mom. Just amazing thank you so much for giving its this memory.”

Tammy R.




“Had an amazing experience. The baby was very very stubborn and we definitely received more time than the package we bought allowed. When it came time for her next appointment we still had no idea what the baby’s gender was, because the baby was very stubborn and didn’t want to un cross the legs lol. So she let us come back in after the appointment after mine to get a second chance to find out. Thankfully the baby cooperated and we were able to see the gender. Thank you so much and I’d definitely come back again.”

Brandi S.




“I just can’t thank Jessica enough, my time with her was heartwarming and unforgettable. She has a very calming sense about her, while remaining entirely professional she makes you feel like a friend. I will never forget my time and this ultrasound. Finding out I’m having a daughter, the overwhelming emotions… The heartbeat bear and DVD will always be cherished! Thank you from our family.”

Valerie M.





February 2017


“Was very happy with the experience and it was very kind of them to invite us back since I was feeling unwell and my daughter did not want to share. Can’t wait to see my little girl again! Thank you!”

Elizabeth L.




“The 3d/4d ultrasound was a great new experience. I am 33 weeks almost 34 weeks along and it was a great time to get amazing pictures. Very professional atmosphere. The lady was very patient because my daughter wanted to sleep most of the time so she kept trying to wake her up so we could get great pictures. The prices of the packages are well worth the money. We got the 3d/4d platinum package and absolutely love the pictures and DVD and CD we got. We will definitely recommend 4d moments to all of our friends and family around the area. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.”

Tricia M.




“We went to the Kalamazoo,MI location. They were extremely helpful, considering our unborn daughter wanted to suck on her toes for the entire 45 minutes our first visit without letting us see her! They invited us again – and again she sucked on her toes blocking her face. Today we went back for a 3rd time and we finally got her! It was funny looking back, but we were really glad they were willing to keep inviting us back and didn’t mind.”

Krista S.





January 2017


“Awesome experience! Very relaxing and warm environment. Large ultrasound room which was very comfortable. Will be returning for future pregnancies.”

Danielle N.





December 2016


“I had such a great experience here. Great atmosphere! I definitely recommend coming here and will be back for another ultra sound between 25-35 weeks. Just had one at 18w2d. Thank you!”

Robin G.




“Had an amazing experience here today! Very professional and comfortable. Would defiantly recommend this place to anyone!!”

Cheyene O.





November 2016


“We just left our 1st 4d ultrasound. . And we Loved it.! Great experience. . Definitely recommend going to 4d moments for expecting mothers.!”

Ryan & Kasandra W.




“5 stars isn’t enough to rate this experience! Jessica was AMAZING and getting to see my beautiful rainbow baby was so much better than I expected!!!! 16 weeks today and was able to clearly tell the gender”

Alyssia J.





October 2016


“I had an amazing experience with them. They are very patient with everyone including some of the very stubborn babies mine was 1. Amazing work ladies”

Dorie C.




“Had the best time seeing my baby boy! Comfortable atmosphere and beautiful pictures!”

Asha K.





September 2016


“I just wanna thank 4D Moments so much for the wonderful experience we had on Saturday! We got to see our baby girl again even though she was hiding her pretty face (: The tech even offered for us to come back again for free because our baby was being stubborn! Thank you guys again for the wonderful experience! Wr can’t wait to come back and see our baby again♡”






August 2016


“I had an amazing experience with her. We got to see our little boy and find out gender! We also got some great pictures. We will be returning when I’m farther along!”

Kyla W.




“4D moments is worth every penny! Seeing our baby was the happiest I have ever been! Jessica is absolutely amazing and makes such a comfortable and fun environment! We were not able to see the baby’s gender because of the positions the baby was in but Jessica is letting us come back to try again! I would recommend 4D moments to a friend 100%! Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for me and my family!”

Forrest B.




“I had a great experience!!! The staff did a great job with the ultrasound and we had a lot of fun. Thank you for everything and we’ll see you soon again.”

Anthony L.




“Great service and awesome experience! The owner was wonderful and so nice. Highly recommend. the platinum package is the way to go, also the option for the heart beat bear is awesome, my daughter LOVES it.”

Katie S.




“Love this place! We’ve been there for two of our pregnancies and wouldn’t go anywhere else!!”

Rachael S.




“Great experience, very friendly environment! We were so happy to find out to gender and see our beautiful baby boy! You guys are great!”

Jasmine S.





July 2016


“I was first appointment of the day at Grand Rapids location. In the staff was great, had my info right on hand, got me signed in quickly. Room was decent sized, just big enough to accommodate my 4 adult guests and tree year old son. Sonographer was not chatty, but polite and friendly. It’s incredible meeting your little one in real time like that! Printed pics were pretty blurry, not easy for the untrained eye to make out. I haven’t reviewed the DVD yet, but if my memory serves me correctly, there were clear view while he was in motion. Altogether worth the special package pricing for this location, and much less expensive than the US at my obstetrician.”

Celina R.





June 2016


“Thank you so much for accommodating my large and outgoing family members who joined us to reveal the gender of our sweet baby boy at 16 weeks! What a great and comfortable experience. It truly was amazing to see how active our little guy was, and we were still able to get plenty of great photos even though he was moving around and covering his face! Again, thank you for being so patient with me, and my group we enjoyed our time here and came home with photos, a live stream video, & teddy bears that captured our boys heartbeat!”

Danielle T.




This first time I went my son turned after 5 min and never saw him after that. They let me come back free of charge to get better video and pictures of him. They were so nice about it. Money well spent. Loved everything about my experience with 4D Moments. If I have another I’m going back for sure!!!

Christina H.





May 2016


“4D moments is AMAZING. I first went there at 16 weeks to see our baby and find out the gender 4 weeks earlier than I was going to find out at the hospital. It was a great experience, and Im so happy I did it. At 28 weeks we decided we would come back again and get some better pictures, now that our little one was getting bigger and chubbier, unfortunately he didn’t want to cooperate and kept hiding from us, so 4D moments kept letting us come back until yesterday when he finally showed us himself! I am so grateful that they were so willing to make sure I was happy with the photos we received. The atmosphere in the ultrasound room is great, and I absolutely loved both techs, they are very sweet girls! I will be back here with all of my future pregnancies, and I would recommend that you do so too!”

Sydney R.




“Wonderful experience at 4D moments! Very affordable, clean and comfortable rooms and amazing staff! Will definitely be back later in my pregnancy for more pictures and videos of our precious baby!! Thank you!”

Kara K.




“We had our first 3D/4D ultrasound today at 16 weeks to find out gender! Our experience was amazing! Atmosphere was very comfortable and accommodating for family members, staff was very friendly and made our moment very special! Will definitely be returning for a second one when I’m farther along!”

Kelsey O.





April 2016


“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Our little one was being so stubborn and I was so disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to find out the gender, especially on my birthday! She let my family go to dinner and come back for a couple extra minutes to see if baby had moved since we also had a long drive. I was so thankful to find out we were having a baby girl! Thank you for taking the extra time to make my birthday so special for my family and I! You made my day!”

Katelyn L.




“Thank you for allowing me and my family to come and have a wonderful experience and see our handsome baby boy. It sure was the best and we got alot of wonderful picture to enjoy, thank you.”

Kerstin and Chris





March 2016


“Great experience, she took tons of pictures and spent plenty of time with us!”

Alexa S.




“This was an awesome experience when we went at 16 weeks to find out the gender! She was super patient and tried extra hard to get us a profile pic of our little one when he was being stubborn! Cant wait to go back closer to 30 weeks!”

Mindy J.





February 2016

“We had our ultrasound tonight. It was amazing!! Thank you so much!”

Casey B.





January 2016

“We had a 3d/4d ultrasound to see our little girl at 28 weeks. Our experience was phenomenal! The staff was so friendly, patient and welcoming, taking the entire scheduled time to ensure we were happy and comfortable with our experience. I would recommend 4D Moments to anyone in the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo area who wants to witness the miracle of their child before birth. Such a beautiful experience!!”

Jamie L.





December 2015

“Thanks to 4D moments we were able to find out the gender of our little bean at 17 weeks! We’re so blessed to be having a little girl. They are worth every penny spent. I have my entire sonogram of Vivienne I can watch and share with others. So exciting. We’ll be going back sometime in my 3rd trimester to see baby girl once more.”

♡♡ Valeria T.




“Thank you even though our son was bein a stinker hiding an al you guys kept trying till you could get good photos an a positive gender! Thank you so much!”

Kristi E.





November 2015


“This place was so awesome and did wonderful work and were patient and took awesome pictures of our baby boy thank you so much for your time and revealing to us we were having a baby boy We will definitely be returning for a 3D of our son later on in the pregnancy thanks again!”

Kristina M.




“I really enjoyed my sessions and I also love my keepsakes! Worth the money and the time.”

Kaytia T.





October 2015


“This place is amazing. Staff really care about you and it’s a very comfortable environment. I will be back before my pregnancy is over!”

Macy R.





September 2015


“We went twice, once around 25 weeks the other at 35 weeks and both times were a great experience. They made time to see us at the last minute both times and were extremely friendly. The room is comfortable and homey. We also got great images. The price is also well worth it for everything you get. I would highly recommend 4D moments. We were so happy that we went there!”

May C.




“My husband and I weren’t able to see what our child was at our ultrasound with our doctor so I Googled 3d/4d ultrasounds in my area and 4D Moments popped up. We had the most amazing experience with you! I’m so happy we went because our little girl is already being spoiled by her mommy and daddy! Thank you so much for such an awesome experience and for the chance to see our little baby girl! My family was so amazed at how clear the pictures were and we all cried happy tears of joy! I cannot express enough thanks for this amazing day!”

Hopey Q.




“Awesome experience & great pics ! Comfy bed & very nice tech.”

Alicia M.




“This place is great!!! We had so much fun seeing our baby GIRL yesterday! We will be back for sure!”

Kendra M.





August 2015


“Thank you for caring enough about your customers to double check and only standing by gender that you can see and not guessing! Your honesty is so appreciated and we can’t wait to celebrate the birth of our baby smile emoticon with friends and family 4 weeks sooner smile emoticon thank you for all you do and for taking the time when our baby was being stubborn to see and allow us to see our baby girl or baby boy! We can’t wait for our gender reveal! And you were so patient! Thanks! We appreciate you!”

Jessica S.




“We had a wonderful experience getting to see our sweet Luke!! Pictures were awesome! Was a great gender reveal!!!”

Ashley J.




“Awesome job. So happy!! Definitely recommend 4d moments.”

Matthew and Andrea F.




“Very friendly, and a wonderful experience! We will definitely recommend you!”

Becky P.




“Captured my daughter and all her sassiness! Thanks so much for this beautiful experience. Planning on doing again once im 32 weeks.”

Dani F.




“For my daughter to see her daughter again. The first one was awesome.”

Nancy H.





July 2015


“Such a beautiful experience, couldn’t have asked for a better ultrasound tech!”





“Loved 4D Moments. She really takes her time and makes you feel comfortable.”

Amanda J.





June 2015


“Thank you Jessica for showing us our baby girl! It was a wonderful experience and will definitely be back later in pregnancy! Awesome experience, totally worth the money!”

Sara P.




“We had a great experience. A very nice, professional facility with an expert sonographer. Highly recommended!”

Mary F.




“Love this place, would tell anybody to use this service!”

Ruth Z.





May 2015


“Thank you guys so much for the amazing experience! I still can not believe the perfectly beautiful little girl is growing inside me. The lady who did our ultrasound was so nice & welcoming. & must I say that bed is heavenly! I would refer any pregnant woman to experience this ♡ thank you guys again SO SO SO SO MUCH!”

Deseray O.




“Absolutely loved my experience! My ultrasound pictures turned out great!”

Mary F.




“It was a wonderful experience! I have and will continue to recommend 4D moments to others!”

Nichole N.





April 2015


“Very excited to see a pic of my son. The worker did an amazing job getting his pics.”




“It was a lovely time, the technician was great and very nice to me. She was patient even with my toddler. I’ll come back.”

Mirinda H




“It was a beautiful experience.”

Ceda Graham




“Very friendly and I enjoyed it! Thank you.”

Mercedes C




“We found the baby’s gender fast and I loved seeing baby dance around.”

Jamie S




“It was such a nice experience. Staff was really friendly. The facility was clean and really family friendly. Would definitely recommend everyone to come here.”

Alena K




“4D Moments was a great experience in a great environment. Kind and courteous. Allowed siblings to enjoy the experience as well.”

Victoria K




“This was a very amazing time and it was so wonderful seeing our little girl. Thank you!”




“Everyone here is super nice and patient! I loved my experience here and if I have a third baby I will be back for sure! Thank you so much. :)”

Erica Collins




“The service was amazing.”

Kourtney M




“The experience was great! Loved every moment of it especially the staff. They are very friendly makes everything comfortable and inviting.”

Maria Olmedo




“My baby was cuter than I could ever imagine and the detail in the ultrasound was so amazing!”

Logan T




“Great experience! Very friendly staff/informative and helpful.”




“Fun to spend time with baby and see him move and yawn.”





“Very friendly staff, more than I thought came from this experience. I would recommend this to anyone as a first time mommy! 😉

Karah J




“4D Moments was such a great place with friendly staff! I am so grateful to know the gender at 16 weeks and 4 days! :)”

Janelle D




“I was very pleased with my ultrasound. It was a great experience and will recommend it to all my friends and family.”

Keely W





March 2015


“The ultrasound experience at 4D Moments was great. It was a very relaxing place and comfortable environment.”

Salena A.




“We are so happy to have these moments to treasure and remember for a lifetime. Thank you for preserving them for us.”





“The best experience ever. Very friendly, outgoing and smiley. I couldn’t go to a better place. Thank you so much for the experience for me, my family and husband that’s in the service.”

Casey H.




“Seeing our baby at 4D Moments made the prospect of having our first child more real than ever before. To be able to see the movements transpire that we had been feeling for so long was very special. The 4D ultrasound was definitely worth it!”

Aaron and Alex M.




“This is worth the money spent! She made sure I got my money’s worth! She did everything she could to make sure I was happy. I have amazing images of my son printed off and even more amazing images loaded on the CD/DVD. She made sure I had PLENTY of pictures. :)”

Amber W.




“It was incredible to see my baby! It’s more than worth it.”

David G.




“Amazing experience! They worked so hard to get a good gender picture for us!”




“Love the family atmosphere and friendly staff. Wonderful experience.”

Kristen C.




“The two girls doing our scan were very friendly and professional. We would highly recommend 4D Moments to everyone.” Morgan K.”They are so nice. I will definitely be back before the end of my pregnancy.”

not signed




“Loved everything about the whole experience. Tech was amazing and very nice and got awesome pictures.”

signed Amelia G




“It was so cool seeing the pictures of the baby and how much he already looks like his sister! Amazing!”




“We were very happy with our experience and we are happy to be able to share this with our family and friends.”

Korey and Sarah G




“Theresa was extremely sweet and took a lot of time to make sure to get perfect pictures of my baby. I loved the experience and highly recommend to anyone!”

Megan S




“It was a nice experience.” Elisa M “Worked really hard to make sure our little girl was in fact a girl!!”

Amanda C




“Staff was very nice and I enjoyed the experience. I plan on returning during the same pregnancy and future pregnancies.”

Cloe B




“This was such a great experience for my husband and I! I am so glad we were able to do this.”

Cassaundra E




“It was a very friendly environment and a fun experience. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Aerreal M




“First time. 3D – 4D ultrasound was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done :)”

Veronica H




“My best friend and I have been here 3 times. We see Theresa everytime. She is very kind, patient and knowledgeable. She answered all our questions and explained things thoroughly.”

Brooke Plank




“The staff was very kind and the bed was comfy!!”

Katrina H




“It was a wonderful experience. We loved seeing our baby girl moving around!”

Jess H




“Everyone at 4D Moments was extremely friendly and caring. Our little girl was camera shy the 1st visit but they let us come back again to get a better look at her. We appreciate being able to get a sneak peak at our little girl before she arrives!”

Erica R




“Great experience! The tech was super nice and pointed everything out for us! It was so fun seeing our baby girl before meeting her!”

Alisa T.




February 2015


“Even though the baby was giving us a hard time of showing the gender she never gave up, and didn’t stop until we knew for sure and got a good picture! Thank you!”

Michelle D




“Clean facility and friendly staff. Loved it!” Shandra L “I loved my experience with 4D Moments. I received a great service and excellent pictures of my baby!”

Rachel B




“We had an amazing time seeing our little baby moving all around. It was beautiful to see all of the detail of the face, profile, legs, arms, fingers and toes. We will definitely recommend this to everyone!!!”





“Was a fun experience. Staff was kind and courteous and worked hard to find out the gender for us.”

Kris Y




“This is our second child and our second time coming in and twice now the staff has been amazing. I love the quality of pictures and images that we received.”

Alejandra S




“Great experience! Comfortable and relaxing with a courteous and professional technician who took her time and made sure we got to see as much of our baby girl as we could!”

Libby G




“Everyone should experience this at some point during their pregnancy. Such a HUGE difference from 2D to 3D. From smiles to fingers and sucking thumbs, simply amazing!”

Amy D




“Overall, we had a great experience! We wanted to have our first little one see what exactly was in mommy’s tummy so she could conceptualize that mommy’s belly was getting bigger due to baby. Plus, this was another opportunity to see the baby again and see how big she has grown. I was so happy to have found 4D Moments and they were local!”

Joe and Lindsay Q




“It was great. I felt comfortable.”

Anel B




“Theresa was so great to work with! She was so sweet and extremely patient!”

Laura F





January 2015


“The experience was great. I was comfortable the whole time. And the staff was great. :)”

Amber Main




“This was a fun experience and I will be returning.”

Quorsean Mattox




“Great experience everyone was wonderful.”





“Great experience. So friendly and amplified our excitement. Beautiful pictures and great staff.”

Alison S




“Everyone was very nice and the experience was once in a lifetime!”

Mallory Davis




“Thank you for making it such a fun experience for my husband and I and our older children!”

Rachel H




“Very calming and loving environment. Took the time to make sure I got a good shot of my baby. Highly recommend.”

Satisfied customer




“I called and was seen very soon! The staff was extremely nice. The tech took her time to be sure I was having a boy. Very nice staff.”

Tiffany D





December 2014


“Very quick and friendly service. Very knowledgeable.”

Katie Walsh




“I was here a year and a half ago for our first baby and it was awesome so we wanted to come back to see our twins. Always worth it.”

Nora J




“We had a great experience viewing our baby. She did a wonderful job.”

Raeanne V




“4D Moments was amazing, loved being able to see our little girl!”

Roberta L




“I like how nice and pleasant the visit went. She was very patient, and I was very comfortable.”

Hebony B




“This was my first ever 3D ultrasound and my first pregnancy. The experience was great!”

Ivon Arroyo




“Great place to meet your baby. Friendly staff and excellent experience. Highly recommended.”

Kelle F




“Amazing visit. Great early Christmas visit.”

Mercedes Nyhuis




“This was a fantastic experience and the technician took her time in trying to get baby to cooperate for pictures. We would recommend to all of our friends and family.”

Crystal M




“I would love to share with others that 4D Moments made sure my visit was everything I wanted it to be. They worked with me on times and dates at both appointments. Did their best to find the sex at only 15 weeks. and made it completely affordable to keep coming back!”

Kayla H




“The experience of seeing our little man through the 3D ultrasound was so amazing. We cannot wait to introduce him to our family and friends. :)”

Jake and Jillane Biernacki




“Amazing staff, comfy atmosphere.”

Samantha Turner




“Such a wonderful place to walk into with smiling faces. The staff here will do everything possible to get the best pictures possible!” Sarah H “I loved everything!! :)”






November 2014


“Very exciting and enjoyable experience. Loved being able to share it with my family.”

Alisha J




“4D Moments is a wonderful experience. They give you the opportunity to connect with the baby and see her before she’s born.”

Tara S




“We opted for the lowest package and still were extremely satisfied with our prints and experience! Thanks for a one of a kind experience!”

Paige G




“It was great! Nice, relaxing, intimate experience…and it’s a boy!”

Ryan C




“This experience was worth every penny and then some. Just the opportunity alone to see my growing baby with such clarity was worth it to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, this being my first visit and first child. But the staff made this experience more than enjoyable for both of us!”

Samantha V




“This is my first pregnancy and I had a wonderful experience with the whole process at 4D Moments.”

Misty H




“I would definitely recommend 4D Moments to everyone. I had an amazing experience. The staff was very nice and the whole visit was great.”

Lindsay R




“The most courteous and professional experience ever. You not only get to experience with your spouse but also with family if you would like.”

Virginia Towers




“4D Moments made our first ultrasound better than expected. They worked with baby to tell us the gender! Worth your money. You guys are awesome.”

Maggie C




“It was a wonderful experience. The tech answered all of our questions and explained everything as she did the scan. Very relaxing and comfortable environment. Can’t wait to come back. 🙂 “

Nichole N




“The service provided here was wonderful. The staff was great from setting up the appointment to performing the ultrasound. A memory I will never forget. An experience I would do over with my next child for sure!”

Samantha E




“Everyone was very sweet!” Krystal Metivier “Really fun experience!”

Stephanie A




“It is a great way for your family to be involved with a special moment.”

Allison W




“We were just looking for basics, but this was beyond amazing! Seeing facial features that are not possible on a typical ultrasound. The staff were very helpful in explaining the babies movements! It also helped narrow down names! This was so cool! I would recommend to everyone!”

Jessica W





October 2014


“Getting the ultrasound is such an amazing way to get a sneak peak at your little one. Well worth it!”

Cassie and Troy H




“It was a great birthday gift for my husband.”

Nancy K




“Ultrasound tech was great! Very polite, professional and informative. The results were amazing and every picture was extremely clear. Overall awesome experience!”





“4D Moments was very professional. Their services made you feel as if you were home, experiencing the first glimpse of your baby. If this is your first, or even second time…each time will be different and a remarkable experience.”

Veronica W




“I love the intimate atmosphere that is provided!”

Brittany H




“Great experience, even though we were late we were still accepted with a great attitude and professionalism.”

Tony and Ana




“It was great to see the baby without having to be in a doctor office setting. They work with you and your baby to find gender if you want even if he isn’t cooperating.”

Rebecca H




“Technician was friendly and professional. Baby Ava wasn’t moving a lot at first, but she woke up and was a wiggle worm. Tech did a great job getting clear pictures of our little girl. Would recommend without a doubt.”

Patricia B




“Loved seeing our little ones face in 3D and her stubbornness as she liked having her hand in front of her face. It was great getting a peek and a confirmation of her gender. Definitely all girl!”

Jennifer B




“Excited to see our little person move at last.:)”

Jake and Jillane Biermacki




“Very impressive detail and exceptionally affordable! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS EXPERIENCE!!”

Amy M




“It was such a blessing to be in a comfortable environment, with extremely friendly people, and meet our baby for the 1st time. Will return and highly recommend. Can’t thank you 4D Moments enough for this wonderful life long memory:)”

John and Cassie




“This is an amazing experience to share with family and your baby and memories of your pregnancy to enjoy forever.”

Veronica Woods




“4D Moments provided a wonderful experience and opportunity for our whole family. We were so excited to find out that we are expecting a girl! Thank you!”

Janna G




“I have had a horrible ultrasound experience for quite some time during my pregnancy. It seemed that all I ever was given was “soft markers” for down syndrome every time I showed up. Today it was just about my beautiful son. He is beautiful and I was made to feel that joy during my 4D experience. Thank you for that.”

Elana Baiocchi





September 2014


“I felt very comfortable and it was an amazing experience meeting the baby!”

Dani C.




“It was everything I expected and more! Amazing to find out that I’m having a baby boy and it was a great feeling to see how happy he was.”

Samantha B.




“It was fantastic hoping to come back later in the pregnancy.”

Ciara Henderson




“I am so happy I came here today! It was a great experience.”

Samantha Redd




“I absolutely loved seeing my daughter. It was an amazing experience!”

Alicia H.




“I purchased the Gold package. Theresa took her time and made sure I saw everything I wanted. Found out gender at 16 weeks. So excited.”

Jessica H.




“Well worth $100. I recommend everyone to get one. Great experience!”

Whitney G.




“Absolutely amazing! I will be back!”





“I would definitely come back again. It was a great experience!”





“Amazing experience, very thoughtful. I highly recommend this place to anyone that is expecting. I will be coming back that’s for sure. Thank you 4D Moments for this memorable experience.”

Courtney Gebert





August 2014


“Most amazing experience of my life. Super friendly staff. Loved every second of it.”

Samantha K.




“100% worth the money! Came in to find out the gender early- Perfect experience!”

Heather S.




“So happy with the kindness of the staff! Will definitely be coming back.”

Christi G.




“I liked that it was for family”

Nicole Stainbrook




“Very patient. Informative and very professional!”

A Covey




“We came to 4D Moments because we couldn’t wait to find out the sex of our baby. Not only did we find out we were having a boy but we got to spend time watching our little one. Theresa was so amazing and made the experience so wonderful! We will be back!”

Leigh H.


July 2014


“Everything was perfect. Glad to get a peak of the peanut!”

Emily W.-M.




“This was the best day of my pregnancy by far. Here at 4D Moments they were patient and friendly and made my experience here better than I could of imagined. Thanks so much Theresa.”

Tonya W.




“I was able to call the day of and get right in the same day! 4D Moments made my day with being so available and ready for me to come in. I was able to have my entire family in the room to find out the gender of our baby! I will recommend 4D Moments to everyone I know! I love this place and the experience!”

Kylie Spooner




“This experience was amazing. Getting to see my daughter grab her little feet and play around was exciting.”

A. Adams




“We think it makes the pregnancy a different experience after we saw what she looked like. “

signed Katilyn H. and Grant H.




“This was a very special experience. It was fun to see my babies personality before he arrives. The staff was warm and friendly and very knowledgeable with all my questions!”

Lauren B.




“Very wonderful experience! Stubborn baby wouldn’t cooperate with us, very patient at finding out gender for us.”





“It was an amazing experience and just a perfect way to be more excited to see our baby boy! Definitely recommend to any 1st time parents!!

Kati M.




“The 4D Moments was a great experience, I would recommend it to anyone!”



June 2014


“Awesome experience! I would definitely come back again if I were to have a another child. Our tech was very good and did the best she could with our stubborn child :)”

Rachelle H.




“Worth the time and money. A must do.”

Deanna W.




“You cannot put a price on this experience. Amazing! Thank you.”

Christy H.




“Great services and a nice staff. was a very memorable experience. Will be coming back with future pregnancies.”

Isabella S.




“Lots of attention. Located in the best place and good pictures too.”





“I simply adored how calming the whole experience was.”

MC Woods




“I really enjoyed my experience today. The tech was just as enthusiastic as I was. She answered all my questions and showed us all of the baby’s features. My favorite part was seeing my baby smile for the first time. Thank you so much.”

Lindsay N.




“I loved every second of it, I will be back!”





“It’s amazing to be able to see your baby moving.”

Christina W.




“Our ultrasound tech did everything she could to get us the best shots of our baby girl! We could not be any happier.”

Sarah P.




“Amazing photos of baby. Very nice and clean. Loved it!”

A. Wolfe




“4D Moments was wonderful so thankful we decided to come!”

Kayley Hubbard


May 2014


“4D Moments provided a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to see our baby. The staff was very sweet, pleasant and knowledgeable.”

Lauren D.




“Phenomenal experience! Very promptly got us in. Ultrasound tech was very helpful and friendly! Gender was revealed within 5 minutes! State of the art facilities! You’ve got to check out 4D Moments if you’re expecting!”

Kylee D. and Richard J.




“This place is amazing and I recommend it to all the expecting parents.”

Taylor G.




“The lady who did my ultrasound was amazing :)”

Christina S.




“Great experience! Awesome to see your little one in 3D!!!”

Amanda Thomas




“I can’t say enough about my experience. I will recommend 4D Moments to anyone expecting.”

Jenny P.




“The customer service was amazing. Very friendly and personable staff. An absolute must for first time mommys! What an added benefit to be able to look and see and have those first moments with baby. :)”

Jozzlyn R.




“This was a great experience. I am very glad we decided to do this.”

Sara C.




April 2014


“I loved that even though we signed up for a 20-30 minute ultrasound, the tech that was doing the ultrasound took longer than that because she wanted us to see her face. Our baby girl wouldn’t move her hands from her face and she took multiple measures to see if she would move. I really appreciated that! Would recommend this place to all my pregnant friends! :)”





“Had a great experience. Tech was very nice and helpful. She worked well with us and the baby to get him in the best position possible to get the most out of our time. We ended up with great pictures and wonderful memories. Would definitely recommend 4D Moments to anyone looking for a 3d/4d ultrasound!”

Kimberly Clouse




“Great place, very professional and quick appointment scheduling times. Great way to get to see your little bundle of joy.”





“4D Moments gave me an appointment very last minute when my original appointment with another company had to cancel. I had a gender reveal party planned for the next day and explained this in my desperate voicemail. Right away I got a call back with the offer an appointment even though they were supposed to be closed. Made my day!!”

Bethany S.




“After unsuccessful gender determination at a previous ultrasound I was more than willing to try anything. I took a leap and couldn’t have expected better results!”

Raeanna F.




“Absolutely amazing! The staff was wonderful. This was a great experience and a great memory we will always have.”

Anna J.




“Awesome place to go. Staff is nice and patient.”





“The tech was so patient and helpful. The room was relaxing and seeing our baby on the big screen was priceless!”

Heather and Ryan B.




“This was the first time I had a 3d ultrasound done and I loved it. We will definitely come back in the future. Thank you.”





“I visited at 33 weeks it was a good experience to see my baby move around. Great bonding experience.”

Natasha W.




“My experience at 4D Moments was fantastic! I was able to schedule my apt quickly. The room was comfortable and the tech was very knowledgeable. We saw great pictures of our baby girl.”

Katie M.




“It was great to see our baby in 3D!”

Rebekah C.




“Very fun and rewarding experience. Excellent staff. I loved it, highly recommend to others!!”

Britney W.




“This was a very special experience for my family. We loved meeting our new baby. Our children were able to come in and experience it with us. Thank you!”

Jennifer C.




“Getting to see our baby’s features was awesome”

Tarah W.




“I wasn’t very patient to find out the gender. The ultrasound gave me my gender answer but also let me see the baby all over and was so exciting to see!”

Jennifer L.




“This experience was wonderful for me. To see that people love their job and customers makes me happy. I am glad to have shared this life long memory and experience with 4D Moments and my friend.”

Michaela B.




“They are amazing and so friendly. They do a good job.”





March 2014


“My experience at 4D Moments was very good! My ultrasound tech was very sweet and friendly. It was a lot more than I expected. Another plus is that its not far from home. Thank you again 4D Moments!”

Kelly C.




“Thank you for sharing our little princess with us. We really enjoyed our experience with 4D Moments.”

signed Green/Platz family




“I really enjoyed my visit here, it was everything and more than I ever expected and the staff was very friendly.”

Ashley and Jeremy Merchant




“I would recommend this place to any of my friends who are pregnant or become pregnant. :)”

Jamie Macqueen




“My husband and I were able to see our daughter for the first time thanks to 4D Moments. It was an amazing experience. Now we are even more excited to meet her! Big thank you to 4D Moments.”

Ashlee L.




“This is such a fun experience! You get to see your babies movements and features. I would recommend any mom-to-be to do this.”




“We had a wonderful experience. We were treated extremely well and even with an uncooperative baby, we were invited back for a re-trial. I would definitely recommend 4D Moments to every expectant mother! :)”

Mackenzie D.




“Great experience! Will recommend to expecting friends.”

Cheri P.




“The facility was great. Space was available for additional family to come which was very nice. Staff was courteous and took the time to get some great pictures.”

Lauren B.




“Since I had only one previous ultrasound at 20 weeks this 31 week 3D ultrasound was amazing. Even though baby hid her face with her hand we still saw her move and respond to us. Great place to visit!”

Lorrin A.




“It was fun to see our little guy on the screen. Made my day 🙂 staff is very friendly.”

Ericka Willis




February 2014


“4D Moments provides a comfortable, friendly environment for parents to bond with their baby. They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your visit.”

Alicia A.




“We really enjoyed our visit today! Was definitely a special moment!”

Ashley Stanfill




“So glad I came to 4D Moments. Very happy with the care that was given to me while here. Would recommend 4D Moments to all pregnant mommies out there.”

Stephanie B.




“I would recommend 4D Moments to anyone who wants a nice friendly environment. Loved my visit”

Vanessa R.




“4D Moments was an amazing experience. My husband would not have been here to find out we are expecting a baby girl. They were amazing to work with and made our dreams come true!”

Cadie B.



“This was a great experience and we will be back :)”

Ashley B.




“I loved the way the people treat me. Very courteous and very supportive”





“It was a great experience I loved every minute of it”

Payge S.




“Great staff and great opportunity to see your little one up close”

Amber Richardson




“We loved our ultrasound with 4D Moments! Priceless memories :)”

Amiee S.




“This was my first 3d/4d ultrasound and the staff was excellent. The appointment wasn’t rushed at all. She explained everything as she was going along and made it a wonderful experience for us.”

Nichole L.




January 2014


“What an incredible experience! We are so glad we made the drive through a snow storm to finally find out our baby is a girl after 4 boys! Thank you so much for spending so much time with us. Have a blessed new year!”

Vanessa W and Manuel A.




“We traveled an hour to get here and they made it so we could come late in the evening which was great, so my husband could come. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. Theresa really took her time and was thorough during the whole ultrasound and made sure to get perfect pictures of our angel. Thank you so much!”

Stephanie M. St. Joseph M.




“The experience is unforgettable absolutely loved it.”

Araceli R-M




“As hard as it was to see my baby the ultrasound tech did an awesome job of getting good photos.”

Ashli H.




“4D Moments has made me a very happy new mommy. I think its very cool how much you get to see what’s growing inside of you!”

Stephanye B.




“Coming to 4D Moments was one of the best experiences during my pregnancy. Not only did it give me insight to what my baby does routinely, but it gave me a chance to see her pretty little face. I would definitely recommend this to mothers to be.”

Heather J.




December 2013


“4D Moments was a great experience and completely worth the price paid!”




“4D Moments, This has been such a wonderful experience! Thank you for some great keepsakes!”

Chris C.




“Great experience! Thankful for the opportunity to see the baby in this setting. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff!”

Elizabeth M.




“I had a wonderful experience, got to see everything and more!! Amazing and wonderful!!”

K. Mastos




“A great and fun experience especially if you have a very textbook pregnancy and only get 1 ultrasound. So enjoyable to spend time with your family viewing your baby!”

Katie S.




“Very happy with 4D Moments. So thankful we had the opportunity to experience this special moment.”

Jessica R.




“I had a great experience with 4D Moments. Staff was very caring and I am anxious for my next appointment. Thanks so much.”

Jamie W.




“I really enjoyed my experience at 4D Moments. The experience was comfortable and would be comfortable for additional guest wanting to see the baby. It was a joy to get a glimpse of what my baby does.”

Porcheia C.




“This was all I wanted for Christmas this year. I was able to see my baby boy up close and personal. It helped our family bond with him before the big day 3-1! Thank you”





“It was a very amazing experience to see our bundle of joy. Tears of joy! The staff has been amazing from the start. Very professional and comforting.”

Nicole W.




“I definitely recommend coming to 4D Moments to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done. Staff was super friendly and tried to capture every movement possible. Overall an amazing experience.”

Gina H.

“On our first visit we had some issues getting our son to show his face. 4D Moments invited us back and on the second visit we got our baby boy to show his face. 4D Moments provided that extra visit free of charge. Theresa was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend 4D Moments to anyone!”

Chris B.

“4D Moments went above and beyond to make this experience excellent. The staff is very friendly. We will definitely be back.”


“Definitely worth the time, you get to see a lot.”

Stephanie K.

“It was nice to be able to come back for a second scan. Baby showed us more this time! Thanks so much”

Jamie M.

“4D Moments was a great experience and completely worth the price paid!”


“I definitely recommend coming to 4D Moments to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done. Staff was super friendly and tried to capture every movement possible. Overall an amazing experience.”

Gina H.

“On our first visit we had some issues getting our son to show his face. 4D Moments invited us back and on the second visit we got our baby boy to show his face. 4D Moments provided that
extra visit free of charge. Theresa was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend 4D Moments to anyone!”

Chris B.

“4D Moments went above and beyond to make this experience excellent. The staff is very friendly. We will definitely be back.”


“Definitely worth the time, you get to see a lot.”

Stephanie K.

November 2013


“4DMoments provided an unforgettable experience for our family, and they were able to determine our baby’s gender at 16 weeks and 5 days!”

Alicia A.

“Me and my boyfriend had a great time during our 3D experience. It was like we got a preview of how it will be to interact with our baby.”

Cassandra A.

“4D Moments was amazing! we loved being able to see our baby girl before she makes her debut. It was special and such a great opportunity! Thank you 4D Moments for doing an awesome job. Also the staff was wonderful as well. I would recommend this to anyone expecting!”

Emaleigh Thomson

“I was very disappointed at my doctor’s visit not to be able to find out the gender of the baby! But this was a great opportunity for me to get a second chance and success! It’s a girl!”

Elizabeth S.

“This was an amazing experience. And being able to share it with my family was special. The ultrasound tech was very nice and helpful. Thanks for the experience.”

Quinesha A.

“It was a very relaxing and comfortable setting. I would pay again and again to come back.”

Destiny McElfish

“The 4D ultrasound is a great way to see your baby before they are born. The most amazing part is seeing them move, stretch, smile. The experience is priceless!”

Jessica D.

“4D Moments did a wonderful job! Ultrasound tech was very professional and courteous! We loved seeing our baby in 4D!”

Amanda P.

“Staff was very friendly and patient with my uncooperative little one. Would recommend to others, great experience.”

Kristine P.

“4D Moments was extremely professional and courteous to all our needs! Absolutely loved it!”

Brittany B.

“The staff was great and we got to spend a good amount of time seeing our sweet baby girl!”

Melinda B.

“I love 4D Moments. The staff was so helpful and super flexible with our schedule. I can not thank you enough for the experience and for your time and patience. Great company, so friendly.”

Megan V. – Mattawan Mi

“Very great experience, staff was friendly and helped us see our baby! Would definitely recommend to friends. Enjoyed our experience very much!”

Ashley A.

“It was awesome that 4D Moments generously brought us back for a 2nd ultrasound after baby was uncooperative!”

Stephanie S.

“It was a great experience. I will have a 3D/4D ultrasound with any future pregnancies.”

Teresa S.

October 2013


“Wonderful experience, technician went above and beyond to make sure we got wonderful pictures. We are very happy!”

Jennifer S.

“The tech. was awesome. The experience was well worth the price.”


“4D Moments made an exciting experience even more wonderful and precious than I could’ve ever imagined. Thank you fore helping me put a face to my precious little baby.”

Amanda Latta

“I felt very happy to meet our little princess. I can’t wait to meet her. This 3D ultrasound was an excellent experience for me and my husband. If I get pregnant again I will come back because I really like this experience.”

Lisbeth A.

September 2013


“Our technician was very friendly and professional. Our baby was being difficult but instead of giving up she took the time to work
with us and try to get the images we were after. It took a little coaxing but now we know we have a healthy little boy!”

Amanda and Mike

“Amazing! Such a wonderful experience to see our baby. Ultrasound tech was so positive and excited right along with us.”

Samantha and Ben M.

“My children, husband and I enjoyed the experience as a family and it was a nice setting.”

the Womack family

“Very professional and friendly! Price is very reasonable and the staff are awesome!”

Sarah M.

“It is a great experience to get a sneak peek of what your little one looks like! I definitely recommend it.”


“We weren’t sure about having a 3D/4D at first but we are so glad we did. The tech Theresa did a great job and was knowledgeable about what we were looking at and when. She was talking to our little girl and sharing in the experience which was great. Having a CD and DVD of this memory is awesome! We cant wait to show our little girl someday. Oh and grandma got to come too…love that family can join in :)”

Mike and Jamie G.

“Seeing our baby girl today in 3D was an inspirational moment. We’re that more excited to see our baby venture into the world. Thanks to 4D Moments we were able to experience our baby before she was born.”

Hillary and Russell

“The staff was incredible and the environment was homey and spacious. The experience of seeing our baby was even more incredible because it doesn’t feel like the typical medical ultrasound environment.”

Erin G.

“This place is amazing! They went beyond our expectations with the ultrasound and all. Theresa is very friendly and she covered every area of our baby. She was very sweet to my 3 year old as well. I will recommend you guys to everyone that is expecting. Well worth the money.”

Chelsea P.

“I would recommend coming to 4D Moments. It is better than expected.”


“Had a great time seeing my baby boy. Wonderful staff and very affordable.”

Kyle and Celest M.

“4D Moments was a great experience. As a first time mom you have a lot of worries, so when having my session, I got to see how healthy she looked. Thank you 4D Moments.”

Taylor H.

“Seeing my baby’s face was a good feeling if anyone could do it they should.”

Sandra A.

“Great experience! Our little guy was being very shy-they let us leave and come back to try again for better pictures! Definitely worth the hour drive here- thank you!”

Kari S.

August 2013


“Great bonding experience with my baby :)”

A. W.

“She was very friendly. Took her time eager to please”

D. G.

“It was very neat to see the baby and to see what position she was in in my belly”

Jessica F.

“This was the best experience you could imagine, being able to see your baby! Its like getting to bond before they even get here. I was having such a bad day until I came here and got to see my baby…you can’t help but be uplifted with extreme joy! Thank you for giving us what our doctors couldn’t…reassurance!”

Cassandra K.

“The video was amazing to see and the photo’s were so nice. I would come do this again.”

Tiffany E.

“This was a great experience to see our little one and share this with our family. The pictures are amazing and the time the staff spent with us was wonderful. I loved all experience.”

Sarah B.

“Loved the 3D/4D experience! Amazing seeing our baby before born”

Ashley Paddock

“Theresa did an amazing job, we really appreciated her patience as our little girl kept wiggling and turning. The atmosphere is very calming and peaceful. Thank you 4D Moments. This was a great way to see our baby in full and be able to see our little gift until we meet in person.”

A. A. Schell

“The 29 week ultrasound was great. Love the shots of his handsome face!”

Danielle O.

“What a great experience! It was a relaxing environment and very friendly staff. It was amazing seeing our little one moving all over the place. I would recommend 4D Moments to any pregnant ladies I know.”

Dianna P.

July 2013


“She did an awesome job sowing us our little man 🙂 She took time to ensure we could get great pictures of him ad talked to us and was very friendly.”

Cassidy Ramsey

“Loved this place! Loved being able to see the baby clearly and enjoyed every second! Definitely recommending to other moms!”


“My baby was stubborn and unmoving but with the help of our technician we got it going and found our we had a boy.”


“We enjoyed seeing our baby boy. It was a thrill to be able to see him a little early!”

Karen B.

“Our experience at 4D Moments was awesome! We will definitely come back for our next child!”

Ericka Markos

Thank you, Jess What an awesome experience!! We are very blessed to have a healthy pregnancy and not need any more ultrasounds, but we couldn’t wait to get another glimpse of our little man. Jessica was SO accommodating; We were only coming in town for the holiday weekend and I was trying to plan this as an anniversary surprise for my husband. Once there, Baby C was hiding from the camera and again, Jessica worked with us to get some great shots of his face. HIGHLY recommend the video, prints, and disk of prints and of course 4D Moments!

Lindsay C.

“So excited to find out I’m having a little girl and be able to see her so clearly. The atmosphere was very comfortable and the staff was friendly. Great place to take your friends and family to see your little one.”

Melissa C.

“It was so exciting and precious to see our little girl! To already see her personality shine through was so much fun and made us even more excited to meet her.”

Tiffany S.

“I plan on returning back to 4D Moments for all my ultrasounds. Personalized,comfortable setting. The staff is excellent, friendly, compassionate and patient. Overall great experience.”

Brittani L.

“We had an amazing experience at 4D Moments in Kalamazoo! This is our second child and we were eager to find out the gender of our baby. We enjoyed finding out this and seeing our little girl on the big screen in such a homey and comfortable environment. We brought our 2 year old son with us and he was able to recognize the baby on the large television screen. Even when he got a little distracted it was nice to have a comfortable environment for him to move around in. The ultrasound technician was very caring and worked hard to get us the great pictures. Without a doubt we are happy that we choose to have an ultrasound at 4D Moments and create such a special family memory. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience!

Again, thank you!”


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